Hi my name is Batman!  I am a eleven month old Retriever Mix.  I was unfortunately brought to the shelter as an owner surrender but that's okay because I am getting an awesome new home!  I have started my training to become of service dog and I LOVE IT!  As a Retriever, I love having tasks to do and I love to please my master!  I am having a great time making new friends as well.  Nani and I have become very close while in training, probably because we both are still somewhat of a pup!  I am glad I found another dog who likes to be goofy like me!  I cannot wait to meet my new mom/dad and live in my new forever home with them.  Well...wish me luck :)

Dog Updates

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In this video you can already tell that Batman and Wesley are going to be great friends. Batman has done such a great job learning all his commands and performs them with great enthusiasm. He even likes to show off his hand shake trick whenever you ask him to.Read More >>
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Batman went to the movies as part of his training day. After the film he took some time out to practice some of his commands. He was excited to show you some of his tricks he learned as well. He loved learning how to roll over. He is a very smart dog and loves being challenged by learning new things. Batman has loads of personality as you can see in this video. We feel very lucky to have him in...Read More >>
Batman and Nani had their day at the movies. Part of their training is learning to do things that we do in everyday life like grocery shopping, running errands or even taking in a movie. They did a wonderful job. We couldn't resist taking their picture in front of this gorgeous movie poster.Read More >>

Our Other Dogs

Apache is a 16 month old male Red Heeler/Cattle Dog mix. He was adopted from Bradford County Animal Control as a young puppy.

Astro is a 2 year old male chocolate lab.  He was picked up by Animal Control as a stray and was found at the Jacksonville Adoptathon.

Breed: Retriever/Shepherd Mix 

Age: 5 months 

Shelter: Adopted from the Saline Animal League 

Bosco is a one year old Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  We do have any information about Bosco’s background before he was brought to the shelter.

Shelter: Adopted from Great Plains SPCA 

Age: 11 month 

Breed: American Bull Dog Mix 

Buddy is a 2 year old male great dane/lab mix. He was donated by a family in Atlanta that had rescued him from the humane society and couldn't handle is strength and energy.

Camo was picked up as a stray by Clay County Animal Control. Their best guess was that he had been on the street his whole life. Camo's journey from animal control to us was purely fate.

Charlie was purchased from a puppy store when he was 8 weeks old by a family that was told he would be a small dog.