Most Recent Warrior Updates

Nero had an excellent day training at Legends Mall. He worked on the commands up, stay, and come. Nero also learned how to use the skill brace while climbing and descending stairs. Our service dogs learn the command brace so that they can help stabilize or pull their warrior up if and when needed.Read more >>
Ivan has a day of fun soaking in some sunshine and meeting new friends. He is so full of life and always happy which is evident in this video while he is running around enjoying the day. Even Service Dogs deserve some well earned play dates after a long day of training!Read more >>
Ivan had a wonderful day full of training as well as riding the Merry-Go-Round for the very first time! He seemed to enjoy the experience. As the day ended, Ivan was completely tuckered out and fell asleep on the way home.Read more >>
Nero is such a good trooper. He is always willing to follow all of his commands, even when he has to try something new like laying under a dressing room bench. He enjoyed seeing another fellow dog just like himself even though he wouldn't respond back.Read more >>

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